We have a large inventory of electronic access control systems. We can design a complete system for you depending on your needs, whether residential or commercial.

Key cards, key less entry systems, security cameras. We are sure to have a system that fits your needs and budget.

We install and configure indoor & outdoor video surveillance cameras, including IR night vision, dome, bullet and PTZ cameras.  We offer a range of IP cameras including HD image quality, H.264 compression, PoE (PoE network switch required), and remote monitoring.




Security, safety and peace of mind.  One of the most effective ways to protect your family and property is to install a camera system.  With todays digital technology we can record hundreds of hours of footage.  It is as easy as recording your favorite TV show and just as simple to playback.  Criminals will think twice about breaking into your property when there's the presence of a camera.



The demand for IP cameras is growing rapidly. IP cameras are integrated right into your home network or company LAN/WAN infrastructure. You can access the cameras from any PC, tablet, or from a smartphone from anywhere in the world providing you have the proper access credentials and a mobile app.


Although IP cameras are the way of future security surveillance, analog cameras are still going very strong. We sell and support many top brand analog camera systems.