We can design and install from the simplest to the most complex gate and fencing for you.
We can do Ornamental fabrication, Commercial design, and Commercial Roll-Ups to fit any entry way.

Some typical gates we can fabricate and install are Swing gates, Slide gates, Overhead gates and Barrier gates.


Swing gates open and close as would a typical door, inward or outward. Lock-Up Inc can manufacture swing gates with an orientation specific to the location that they will be installed. They can be fitted with a swing arm operator, which is a box that sits off to the side with an arm extending to the gate. A Ram Arm operator can also be installed and is located on the gate and post and uses either a hydraulic piston or a jack-screw-operated piston. Underground operators are very common and are located by the hinge and operate the gate via a link arm.

A well designed fence and wall integrated with automatic gates, can greatly improve the visual aesthetics of your property while at the same time serve its main purpose of providing security.

Lock-Up Inc's years of experience making gates has taught us a thing or two about fabricating wood gates of very high quality that can last for 10-15 years or more.  Some of the best gates use welded steel frames and high quality woods assembled in a specific way to prevent the gate from sagging or warping over time.  We also take many factors into consideration in order to match the right gate operator to every wood gate we fabricate.  This is very important because a lot of pressure can be exerted on wooden gates on windy days in Southern California that the gate opener must handle.