Yes. You should check that the gate is CE marked and inquire about the gate's maintenance detail to make sure it has been properly maintained since it was installed.
As the owner of the gate you have the responsibility to ensure that your gates are safe and in compliance with regulations.
No. If the hill runs up the driveway and the driveway is level going across from the gate operator, there is no problem. If the driveway is sloped from side to side, we can fabricate the gate to match the slope.
Usually there will be a phone number on the call box for your building's maintenance supervisor or your gate company. If your HOA (Home Owner's Assoc.) used Lock-Up Inc, we'll be there in a flash to help you gain access.
When you really want to have security, protecting your perimeter is key along with gaining entry without having to get out of your car. An automatic gate does that for you.

At Lock-Up, we also sell re-furbished gate motors with warranties so you could save some money there.

Lock-Up will service and repair any gate motor. We highly recomend a 6 month maintenance of residential gates to avoid costly breakdowns.

The service tech will lube the chains, tighten crucial motor parts, clean and remove debris to keep your gate running like new. The fee is nominal and will give you an added sense of security.